Student Spotlight: Nicholas Johnson

Meet Nicholas Johnson, a rising senior at Colonial High School and 2017 Elevation Scholars Award winner.

Nicholas was honored to win the 2017 Elevation Scholars Award, which will provide him with financial assistance towards college through a customized package of college consulting, test prep, ongoing mentor support and a summer internship with Elevation.

When looking back on this achievement, Nick is grateful for not only the financial award, but also the guidance and support that comes from the Elevation staff. For Nick, being an Elevation Scholar has been so much more than just winning an award.

He says, “With being an Elevation Scholar you actually come into an office and they show you what it is like being in a professional, positive work environment.”

Over the summer, Nick split his hours between working on his college applications and summer assignments in our office and working with his college consultant. “It’s nice having a person who can help you with your application because they know a lot more about college than most of our parents do.” While Nick struggled initially with creating his target college list, he says he and his coach have made great progress since the beginning of the summer.

Elevation Scholars also works on offering professional development events aimed at giving students a taste of the different fields and areas of study that are available to them. “It wasn’t simply what we did during the events that I enjoyed, but what I was able to take away from each experience,” says Nick, going on to explain that each experience taught a lesson, skill or piece of advice that he could take and apply in the real world.

Looking back on his year with Elevation, there is one specific event that resonates with Nick the most: his job shadowing experience at AndCo. For Nick, this was a truly eye-opening opportunity that reshaped his college and career aspirations.

Nick dreams of attending Wake Forest University, and is still exploring career options in both neuroscience and business. He continues to maintain a 4.56 GPA, and will take on a full Cambridge course load during his Senior year.