Elevation Scholars

As a part of The Elevation Foundation, The Elevation Scholars Program focuses on educational inequality in the United States, primarily in Central Florida. The goal is to prepare high-achieving students from low-income families for acceptance into the nation’s most selective colleges and universities.

Elevation believes that:

  • There are academically high-performing, low-income students in Orange County.
  • They require unique preparation for the level of college opportunity they have earned.
  • This is due, in part, to the daily challenges they must overcome to achieve academic success.
  • Absent change, this educational inequality will reinforce a cycle of neighborhood-based poverty.
It IS within reach to change this reality.

Visit www.theelevationscholars.org to learn more about the Elevation Scholars Program.

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16+ million children growing up in poverty in US; only 9% of those children will receive Bachelor’s Degree by age 25. A student with a bachelor’s degree earns 65% more in their lifetime than a student who only earns a high school diploma.


Launched in 2013, The Elevation Scholars Program now serves hundreds of students at Orange County’s Title 1 high schools through two main efforts:

  • The Elevation Scholars Award – a national level college admissions award provided to high-performing, high-need students who have dreams of attending the nation’s elite colleges and universities
    • Winners chosen annually from our four partner schools
    • Five years, $20,000 value commitment and award package encompassing holistic support for the applicants’ college needs
    • Admissions assistance and ongoing staff support starting after their junior year in high school and continuing through their graduation from college
  • Elevation Scholars Club –an interactive space for high-performing students to build their dreams and maximize their college options while developing them into generational world-transformers. Membership begins in the ninth grade at participating schools and students:
    • Gain a significant amount of information, exposure and experiences essential to attain college admissions
    • Learn college survival skills from UCF Burnett Honors College
    • Connect with local professionals in various fields to expand and clarify career options
    • Enjoy new experiences to broaden their horizons

If you would like to learn more about The Elevation Foundation contact Scott Lee at SLee@elevationfinancialgroup.com.