Elevation Global Initiative

The Elevation Global Initiative focuses on economic development through social entrepreneurship. Working with partners in Africa and Haiti, the initiative trains and supports social entrepreneurs who build businesses that tackle social problems, create jobs and promote the rise of sustainable enterprise.

Currently the Elevation Global Initiative is supporting several exciting businesses and programs throughout Haiti and Africa.

Haiti Fund, Inc

Haiti Fund, Inc. is a social enterprise focusing on reforestation in the Lakil area of Haiti. Throughout the years Haiti’s economy has been ravaged by deforestation. The Haiti Fund supports the efforts of the people of rural Haiti by providing programs, funding and knowledge aimed directly at increasing their self-sufficiency, leading to an improved standard of living.

  • Operating partner is an organization with 20-year history of operating in Haiti
  • 1,400 Haitians planting trees in 70+ villages
  • Partnership focused on increasing the number of trees planted each year by investing in the development of second tier leaders
  • Number of trees planted increased from 411,000 to 630,000 in two years (53% increase)

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Caribbean Harvest

Caribbean Harvest is a social enterprise which focuses on fish farming in Haiti. Surprisingly and despite being an island nation, Haiti imports 70% of the fish its population consumes. Using modern aquacultural technology to create a domestic fishing industry, Caribbean Harvest is working to revitalize the fishing industry which in turn will provide jobs, incomes and a valued food source.

  • Operating partner is an organization a with 15-year history of developing the seafood industry in Haiti
  • The focus is to increase the number of productive fish cages in operation
  • Since investment, the number of cages in production has increased from 226 to 502 (122%)

Elevation Academy

Launched in the fall of 2016, Elevation Academy is a for-profit Christian school located in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The school fulfills a great need to serve and provide high-quality education to thousands of low to moderate-income families.

  • Operating partner is a 40+ year educator
  • Annual tuition is $350 per child